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  1. Lekki Toll Road Concession : Frequently Asked Questions
    17 September 2010

      Q1- How can I get through the toll plazas?
      A- There are three payment methods that can be used to get through the toll plazas. Road users can pay cash or use the electronic payment methods - eTag or SwiftPass Card.
      Q2- How does the eTag differ from the SwiftPass?
      The eTag and SwiftPass allows cashless transactions at the toll plazas, however, the eTag offers more convenience and price incentives. There is also a dedicated express lane for eTag account holders.
      Q3- Where can I get my electronic toll device?
      A- You can visit our Customer Service Center at Admiralty Plaza or any of our advertised point of sales centers including selected branches of First bank, Fidelity bank, Diamond bank, Stanbic IBTC bank, UBA and Zenith bank.
      Q4- Can I have more than one eTag?
      A - Individual applicants may request multiple eTags on a single account. There is no limit to the number of eTags they may have on a single account.
      Q5- Must I pay a replacement fee if my eTag is defective?
      A - If your eTag is found to be defective due to poor installation by LCC it will be replaced free of charge.
      Q6- How do I install my eTag?
      A - You should install the eTag on the inside of your vehicle''s windshield near or behind your rearview mirror, using the adhesive strip provided.
      Q7 - Can I use my eTag in other vehicles?
      A - No, you must not transfer your eTag between vehicles. Once the eTag is removed it automatically de-activates. If your eTag is destroyed owing to customer tampering, you will be charged for a replacement.
      Q8- What if my eTag is lost or stolen?
      A: If your eTag is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the Customer Service Centre at 0800 CALL LCC ( 08...). The eTag will be deactivated when you report it. In such circumstances, LCC will be willing to replace your eTag at no cost to the customer. However, the user will be liable for toll charges incurred prior to notification.
      Q9- What if I get into an eTag dedicated express lane by mistake without an
      A - In the event that you enter the express lane and you are not equipped with an eTag, or there are no funds in your eTag account, you will be ejected from the express lane into a mixed lane where you can pay cash.
      Q10- What if my eTag fails to work?
      A - You can use your associated SwiftPass card to gain passage through the plaza; however, you will have to use the mixed lane and not the express lane. You can also make cash payments in the mixed toll lane. If you are in the express lane when the eTag fails, you will be ejected into the mixed lanes.
      Q11- How fast can I drive through a dedicated eTag lane?
      A - For safety reasons, obey the posted speed limit signs at the toll plaza and in the Lane.
      Q12- What do I have to do if I buy a new car or get new plates?
      A - Visit the Customer Service Centre to provide your new license plate and other vehicle information as soon as possible. You will then be issued with a new eTag.
      Q13 - Do I have to register my vehicle with LCC to use the SwiftPass card?
      A - The SwiftPass card is an anonymous card and can be used to access the toll plazas without registering your vehicles with LCC. However, the e-Tag comes with either the SwiftPass Plus or Swift Pass Commercial card for private/corporate vehicle owners and commercial bus operators respectively.
      Q14- Why do I need an associated SwiftPass card with my eTag device?
      A - The associated SwiftPass Plus or SwiftPass Commercial cards is used for passage in the event that the eTag device fails to work properly. It is also used for identification when topping up your account.
      Q15- What is the most convenient and cheapest form of passage through the
      Toll Plazas?
      A - The eTag offers the cheapest form of passage; it also offers the most convenient form of passage as you can use the dedicated express lane.
      Q16- How can I access the services of a Route Patrol officer?
      A - If you are stranded along the Lekki-Epe Expressway and you need the services of a Route Patrol Officer, simply dial our Toll free number  0800... (0800 CALL LCC). This service is complementary to all road users.
      Q17- Can I give out my SwiftPass card to a friend?
      A - Yes, you can give out the SwiftPass card (white background) to a friend. This type of SwiftPass is not vehicle specific, however, you may not give out your SwiftPass Commercial or SwiftPass Plus card as this is tied to the registered vehicle and your eTag account with LCC.
      For additional information, please contact us directly at:
      Customer Service Center
      Admiralty Circle Plaza
      Km 3, Lekki -Epe Expressway
      Lekki, Lagos
      Toll Free Helpline: 0800 CALL LCC ( 08002255522)
      ( 08...)
      SMS only: 08083737779

Lekki Toll Road Concession : Frequently Asked Questions
17 September 2010
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