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  1. User Guidelines

    The Toll Plaza at night The Lekki Toll Road has 3 Toll Plazas but toll is only being collected at two toll plazas:

    • Admiralty Circle Plaza: located at Km 3 of the Lekki-Epe Expressway, in the vicinity of the Palms Shopping Mall. The choice of name is a tribute to the proximity of the Five Cowrie Creek to the Toll Plaza, and the importance of preserving our waterways.
    • Conservation Plaza: located at Km 13, in the vicinity of Chevron Nigeria Limited HQ. The choice of name is a tribute to the proximity of the National Conservation Foundation to the Toll Plaza, and LCC's identification with the importance of protecting our environment and our ecosystem. Toll is not being collected at this plaza
    • Water Front Plaza: located at the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge close to the Alexander round about in Lekki phase 1. The bridge links Lekki phase 1 to Ikoyi. It accepts only e-payments as cash payment is no longer allowed. 

    Each Toll Plaza is designed to accommodate the volume of traffic projected to arrive at each plaza location now and in future. Advanced technology is deployed at each plaza, ensuring tolling efficiency through automatic vehicle classification, electronic toll collection, and express lanes for eTag subscribers, amongst other features.

    Toll fees at each plaza vary by vehicle classification, and price incentives offered reflect the payment methods used and customer usage patterns (e.g. frequent user incentive, public transport discount, and exempt users).

    All Toll Plazas have trained and dedicated operations, maintenance and service personnel on hand to serve our customers, while our dedicated toll-free customer service helpline will further enhance customer experience.

    There are currently five (5) vehicle types identified for tolling purposes, the definitions of which are provided below. Classifications may change in future, in which case details will be advertised a reasonable amount of time before effecting changes:

    • CLASS M - Motor vehicle with 2 wheels (Motorcycles)
    • CLASS I - Cars and Tricycles. These are light motor vehicles
    • CLASS II & IIA - Sports utility vehicles (SUV), minibuses and pick-ups. (2 Axles, 4 Wheels and Height through front hub greater than 1.05m, but less than 2.30m)
    • CLASS III - Light trucks and 2 axle buses, Motor Vehicle with 2 axles of which one is a heavy axle or a motor vehicle with two axles where the height of the vehicle measured through the hub of the front axle is greater than 2.30m. Heavy axle means any single axle with more than 2 wheels
    • CLASS IV & IVA - Heavy trucks and buses with 2 or more heavy axles, and whose height measured through the front hub is greater than 2.3m

    NOTE: A vehicle that is used to tow another vehicle will pay for both vehicle classifications to gain access at the plaza

    Methods of Payment

    LCC offers road users a range of affordable and convenient methods of toll payment encompassing electronic and manual means.

    Manual payment involves the use of cash; while electronic payment involves the use of a tag device known as "eTag", or the "SwiftPass" contactless card.

    The SwiftPass and eTag are pre-loaded with funds. After every successful passage through one of the toll plazas, the balance of funds credited to the particular device used is debited with the corresponding toll charged at the time of passage. It is therefore important to ensure that your electronic toll payment device is loaded with sufficient funds for the passage you wish to make otherwise you will not be able to use the device at the time, and may instead have to pay with cash if at the Admiralty Circle plaza or pay a fine if at the Lekki-Ikoyi Link bridge.

    Customers travelling on the eTag dedicated express lanes are advised to note that where the balance on their account is insufficient to allow passage through the dedicated eTag express lane, they will be automatically exited to a mixed-use lane that allows other payment. methods, including cash. 

    Customers using the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge should note that where the balance on their account is insufficient to allow passage, They will be fined for default or made to turn around. They acn also pay through the quick pay option on the mobile app.

    For ease of payment, the following channels have been provided for customers to top up their toll account at their convenience




    ·         Quickteller Paypoint

    ·         USSD: USSD Code *322*1066*AMOUNT#

    ·         ATM: Code 217165






    ·         Direct Top Up Agents




    ·         Baxi Box Agents


    SIMPLE Pay

    ·         GTB 737:  *737*50*AMOUNT#


     The LCC Mobile app 

    Or at any bank branches of  ZENITH, GTB AND STERLING BANKS

    For eTag subscribers, the topmost advantages are that users have exclusive access to the dedicated eTag express lanes, whilst also being able to use any other lanes at the toll plazas. eTag subscribers do not have to stop at all at the toll plaza as they drive through. This advantage is developed solely for the eTag users.

    eTag is an electronic device that is capable of receiving signals from electronic sensors installed at the Toll Plazas. eTags are sensitive to handle; hence, care must be taken when installing the eTag on the inner side of the front windscreen of vehicles. It must be correctly attached to the windscreen. The eTags could be damaged or deactivated if not properly handled.
    Key Advantages of the eTag:

    • Vehicles on the eTag account receive the highest price incentives; i.e., the lowest tariffs
    • It provides the fastest and most convenient access through the Toll Plazas as you do not have to stop as you drive through
    • The eTag is secured to your vehicle. If it is removed, it will be deactivated hence it discourages theft
    • Users will be notified when the minimum value threshold on the account has been reached, so that they can top up their accounts
    • The eTag will not expire

    How to Use eTag at the Toll Plazas
    • Register for a customer account and collect an eTag at authorized LCC sales outlets
    • Charge (first time users) or recharge (existing users) your account by funding it to activate the eTag
    • Carefully remove the eTag from its pack and install it on the inner side of your windscreen, using the adhesive strip attached to the eTag
    • Wait for a confirmatory SMS or email from LCC informing you that your eTag has been activated
    • Approach the Toll Plaza, look out for the dedicated express lane marked "eTag Lane", or use any other lane
    • As you drive through, the RFID reader’s signal locks onto the eTag device and the barrier opens to allow passage if there is sufficient credit on your customer account
    • Please drive through the designated eTag lane at the designated speed without stopping or waiting, and follow instructions displayed on the lane signage

    NOTE: If you are in the dedicated express lane for eTag users and you do not have sufficient funds in your account, you will be ejected to a mixed lane where you will be able to pay cash and also to recharge your account.
    The eTag is provided with a card (SwiftPass Plus or the SwiftPass Commercial) for the purposes of managing your eTag customer account. There are two variants of eTags
    • eTag + SwiftPassPlus - Users of this type of device are private or corporate customers
    • eTag + SwiftPass Commercial - Users of this type of device are commercial bus operators. This category of eTag subscribers enjoy a special “danfo” discount at the Toll Plazas.

    SwiftPass Anonymous Card
    SwiftPass is a contactless card that enables electronic payment at the Toll Plazas. It is a more convenient and cheaper option of payment than cash.
    Key Advantages Of SwiftPass
    • SwiftPass is a reliable tool for making electronic payment of the tolls
    • It provides simple and convenient access through the Toll Plazas
    • The SwiftPass will not expire
    • The Swiftpass is transferable from one vehicle to another

    How To Use SwiftPass At The Toll Plazas
    • Visit our authorized outlets to obtain a free SwiftPass card
    • Remove the SwiftPass card from the tamper proof foil
    • Credit and top up the SwiftPass at any Toll Plaza or LCC authorized outlets
    • Approach the Toll Plaza and look out for “Open Lane” signs. Please do not drive into the dedicated eTag express lanes
    • Drive into the Open Lane at the designated speed
    • At the toll booth, point the SwiftPass card at the reader installed near the toll booth, and wait for the barrier to open

    NOTE: If you are in the dedicated express lane for eTag users, you will be ejected to a mixed lane where you will be able to use your SwiftPass or pay cash, and also top up your account.

    Cash payments can be made at the Admiralty Toll Plaza. Toll attendants will be available to guide and assist road users as required. Toll collectors will issue a receipt and change for each transaction paid for with cash. Only Nigerian currency will be accepted for payment in the toll lanes. Cheques and bank drafts will not be accepted as a form of payment in the toll lanes, although they will be accepted as payment for account registration and top ups, subject to funds clearance.

    How To Use Cash At The Admiralty Toll Plaza
    • Approach the Toll Plaza and look out for the "Open Lane" signs.
    • Check the information display in the toll lane, which will display your vehicle classification and the corresponding toll fee that you are required to pay.
    • Hand over your cash payment to the toll collector in the booth and collect your receipt (and change if applicable).
    • Once your transaction is successfully completed, your will receive a prompt to proceed and the toll barrier will open
    • Proceed through the lane at the designated speed

    Opening an Account (eTag subscribers only)

    • Visit the LCC Customer Service Centre, any of the selected banks, or other approved outlets as advertised by LCC from time to time
    • Pick up and fill in an account application form
    • Return the duly filled form to the outlet
    • Obtain your account number
    • Receive an e-Tag (with a corresponding card- SwiftPass Plus or SwiftPass Commercial).
    • Wait for confirmation that your account is "activated" before attempting to use your eTag or SwiftPass to gain access through the Toll Plaza
    • Install your e-Tag properly on your vehicle windshield
    • Fund your e-Tag account with credit

    Top Up Customer eTag Accounts and SwiftPass (Anonymous) Cards
    Customers will also be able to top up their customer accounts and Swiftpass (Anonymous) card balances, using the following channels:
    • Payment at the LCC Customer Service Centre
    • Payment over the counter or via Direct Debit at the bank
    • Automatic Teller Machines (ATM)
    • LCC's Website - you can visit our website at to make your online payments vis a secure platform using your debit cards.
    • Electronic Fund transfers from selected merchandise locations
    • Payment at other outlets as advertised from time to time.

    Please call our Customer Service Centre toll-free on 0800 22 555 22 (0800 CALL LCC) or send us email at for more information
    • Closing an Account (applicable to eTag subscribers only)
    • This will be at the instance of the customer
    • To close an existing eTag account, simply notify LCC by writing to the LCC Customer Service Centre
    • If there is a credit balance on your account at the time that closure is effected, details of the balance will be communicated to you in writing, and will be refunded to you as soon as the necessary verification process is completed

    De-activating an  Account (applicable to eTag subscribers only)

    Deactivating an Account
    In most cases, this will be at the instance of LCC. Conditions that will typically lead to deactivation include:
    • Improper use of account device(s)
    • Damaged device
    • Stolen device

    There are three (4) distinct user types as explained below:

    Exempt User
    There are two types of exempt categories:

    • Automatic Exempts: These are members of the armed forces and other government agencies performing civic duties under the Nigerian Constitution. This includes Military, Police, Customs, Prisons, Immigration.
    • Conditional Exempts: These are other governmental agencies on essential civic duties. the conditional exempt beneficiary will enjoy free passage at the toll plazas only after signing a protocol with LCC. The conditional exempt members include LASTMA, LASAMBUS, LSWC, PHCN, Fire Service.
    • Please contact the customer service centre if in doubt about your exempt category status.

    Commercial User
    Commercial Users are mass transit minibuses used for public transportation means only ("danfos"). It does not include taxis, commercial motorcyclists "Okada" and any other means of non-standard public transportation for example unmarked taxis "kabukabu", car hire service, etc.

    Frequent User
    Frequent Users are road users who regularly drive along the Lekki-Epe Expressway and as such pass through the toll plaza or plazas more often than the average road user. Average use will be determined by LCC from time-to-time, and details provided to customers as appropriate. Frequent users are offered special price incentives in recognition of their above average toll use

    Regular User
    These are users whose pattern of road usage is average and who do not fall within any of the user types above

    Admiralty Circle Plaza Tariff



    Salon Cars& Tricycle

    Sports Utility Vehicles

    Light Truck & 2-Axle Buses

    Heavy Duty Trucks/Buses with 2 or more heavy axles

    Commercial Danfo Buses
















    Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge Plaza Tariff



    Salon Cars

    Mini Vans, Sports Utility Vehicles & Light Trucks

    Light Truck &2-Axle Buses












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