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  • The eTag is an electronic toll device with important data linked to your toll account. It comes as a strip which is pasted on your windshield for electronic passages at the Toll Plazas.

  • In the event that your device stops working, please visit any of our customer service center for a quick assessment of your device.

  • Fill the form in the link below; Registration

    • 10% discount on toll tariff.
    • up to 50% discount for frequent users.
    • unrestricted access to the express lanes, eTag only lanes and all other lanes.
    • faster throughput and more convenient compared to cash payment.

  • A minimum of 2000 (Two Thousand Naira) per vehicle is required as a startup balance to activate the account. The toll devices issued at the time of registration are free.

  • You will receive your statement automatically at the end of the month via the email address provided to LCC. You may also request for your statement of account via our customer service email address (, toll Free Customer Helpline- 0800 22 555 22, or any of these helplines 0808 816 5576, 0915 846 1442 and 0808 808 6849 at any time

  • Send an email to, or call our toll free number 08002255522 or via our social media handles. Otherwise, visit any of our customer service centres

  • Please click here to see our classification chart and know which class your vehicle falls into.

  • Your toll account is provided to you at the time of registration. You can look at the Swiftpass card pack provided to you, or on your eTag. You can also call our Toll Free Customer Helpline on 0800 22 555 22, or any of these helplines 0808 816 5576, 0915 846 1442 and 0808 808 6849 to request for your account number or send an email to

  • Download LCC Mobile App on Google Play Store and App Store to check your toll account balance. Or contact us via email or any of our social media handles.